We have had the pleasure of mentoring thousands of heroic children and the joy of working with hundreds of outstanding volunteer tutors/mentors.

Testimonials from Program Participants

"Without this program, we won't learn to read or write or do anything." age 15

"In this program, I get the education that I need. They are really good people."
age 18

"This program is help and friendship." age 10

"If I didn't have this program, I would lose my grades, my help and my hope to pass."
age 17

"This program has fun activities and helps the community stay clean." age 11

"If I didn't have this program I would lose my education." age 7

"If I didn't come to this program, I would lose a smart brain." age 7

Testimonials from Volunteers

We have also had the joy of working with hundreds of outstanding volunteer tutors/mentors. We asked some of them to share their thoughts about our programs through a blind survey:

"I think that the staff is incredible. Joyous, organized, helpful, understanding, very knowledgeable. Amazing with the children. There is an atmosphere of enthusiasm and joy of learning. It is fun to be here and the children are enthusiastic and wait for the doors to open."

"I appreciate the environment you create. You are warm and courageous people."

"I have worked mostly with older children. I find that each one I have met was eager to learn, willing to follow instructions and glowed with pride with each acknowledgement of their progress and success. Some are more timid and almost afraid of making mistakes. Once they relax, they become more open about what they don't understand."

"My observations? One that quickly comes to mind is that the organization is doing so much, yet with so little and I am just happy for the opportunity to be part of this worthy cause!"

"I've been lucky enough to literally watch them "grow up." Attending the grade 8 graduation of a student I tutored throughout the years and having such a proud emotional reaction that the person next to me asked whether it was a sister or daughter and me responding - No, more, my student!"

"Be the change you want
  to see in the world"

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